Fish exists to help great ideas succeed.

We work with leaders who are building new organizations, or reimagining existing ones. We help these organizations define their identity.

A coherent and compelling identity is an enduring advantage. It enables everyone in a group to make better decisions more quickly, and in concert. It ensures that others will understand you the way you want to be understood. It is a foundation for growth.

Our group includes award-winning designers, writers, architects, programmers, and former executives. We maintain a network of world-class web developers, event producers, graphic designers, and linguists, with whom we collaborate to tailor our capabilities for individual project needs.


We conduct structured inquiries and apply our findings to a range of crucial needs — which can include names, visual identities, print and digital design and content, marketing strategies, information design, competitive assessments, speeches, presentations, proposals, architecture, and space design. We see our services as a capital investment in the future success of the organizations we work with, and believe we can be of particular service to:

  • start-ups that need to communicate their value

  • existing organizations undergoing a fundamental overhaul

  • new initiatives within existing organizations, in need of distinct identity

  • brands facing diminishing returns or struggling against new competition

  • incubators and investors seeking every advantage for their portfolio

  • consultancies whose clients are any of the above


Fish Partners are great to work with. They deliver a rare combination of broad experience, methodology, integrity and creative thinking that I have found to be indispensable.

donald k. "obie" clifford
former director, mckinsey & co.

Fish is a one of a kind, different in kind firm. They operate at the nexus of extreme creativity and intelligence. They are a remarkable source of original thinking and ideas. I’ve worked with them extensively and realized wonderful results.

justin b. smith
ceo, bloomberg media group

Their approach, thinking, and imagination all work in concert to create solutions that hit the mark. I find they consistently deliver breakthrough, brilliant ideas that are highly executable from a team that is easy to do business with.

charlie frenette
former executive vp & worldwide cmo, the coca-cola company

Fish builds a keen understanding of the client’s business and directly targets their needs. The work is tasteful, strategic and break-through creative.

g. thomas aydelotte,
former vice president, grey advertising

Over the last several years, I’ve worked with Fish on a range of projects. In their process, product, execution, and delivery, they’ve moved us to a completely different level. Their work is exceptional.

james b. mckenna
president, roost
council member, ncredc


We regard our team and our method as incomplete, and strive to improve its capacity and character by partnering with people we can learn from. We hire singular intellects regardless of credential, with an eye towards:

  • empathy, curiosity, and fluency of thought

  • a facility for analogy

  • the capacity to make simple sense out of complex questions

  • a broad and deep knowledge of the subjects that interest you

  • the ability and humility to make or concede your case

If you’re interested in working together, please send a note and explain your experience, interests, aspirations.


fish partners is:

noah simon

howard fish

chip reay

david ohana

bug nichols


contact us at:

37 east 74th street, new york, ny 10021


(347) 450-5015